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This template is used to integrate a vectorial or bitmap image in a wiki page, when this image/photo corresponds to a Figure (result = the image will be integrated in a "frame")


{{ FigImage | <1=fig-ID> | <2=fig-extension> | <3=fig-num> | <4=fig-title> | <5=fig-notes> | <optional other parameters> }}


<fig-ID>         is like:   DB422001   (= image file name, without the file extension)
<fig-extension>  is like:   svg, jpg ...
<fig-title>      is like:   Application of the diversity factor (ks) to an apartment block of 5 storeys
<fig-num>        is like:   A11, B42a ...
<fig-notes>      will be added after the figure, with special class and special formatting
<optional other parameters>  can be like "600px" ...
  • in this version, <fig-num> (like A11) HAS TO BE PROVIDED
  • Nota:
<fig-title> normally should not include any formatting, unless it is required, like to add a link inside the title
title example:  Circuit-breaker type '''[http://www.xxxxxxx Masterpact]''' from Schneider-Electric